tarot by atoosa

Since childhood, I’ve been having profound intuitive experiences. At 14 years old, I stumbled upon a book on astrology and have been intrigued by it ever since—and at 20, I picked up a tarot card deck for the first time. From there, I quickly learned how to channel my clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. Today, I strongly believe that using this gift to help others is one of my life’s callings.

My practice incorporates both astrological knowledge and tarot to guide clients through life and career paths, relationships, decisions, and cycles in order to guide decisions and promote healing.

I am currently open for consultations and will disclose details on the services imparted upon request.

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Terms and conditions: My tarot predictions are predictions only, and should never replace the advice or consult of a licensed professional financially, legally, or medically. I will not be held responsible for any personal or financial outcomes—my clients are encouraged to never surrender their own personal power to a reading. I do not give refunds after services are imparted, and in purchasing a reading you agree that you have read and consented to these terms and conditions.