New York, NY

Oakland Singer MaHaWam’s “Is An Island” is a Fight for Visibility

Iranian Icon Googoosh on Being Banned from Singing and Breaking the Rules

The Atlantic
The Supper Club of Hell’s Kitchen
So You Think You Know The Kennedys?
Breaking the Internet
Diana Rau and Her Supporting Cast

NYLON Magazine
Sahra Vang Nguyen Is A Modern Day Renaissance Woman (August 2017 Print Issue)
The BUFU Collective Explores The Power Of Black And Asian Unity (April 2017 Print Issue)
Zine Queen Nyky Gomez Is Turning A Page (November 2016 Print Issue)

Kalief Browder's Life Was Stolen By The Prison System. His Sister Remembers The Boy She Lost.
Ethereal Is Perfectly In Tune With Himself
How A Grassroots Activist Became Seattle's Most Talked About Mayoral Candidate
5 New Moms On What It's Like To Raise A Child In the Era Of Trump
Jimi Tents On A Changing New York And His New Project I Can't Go Home

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The Nation
Many Need Clemency Before Trump Takes Office. Here's What You Can Do to Help

HYCIDE Magazine
THE FIVE WARDS PROJECT—This series explores the diverse landscapes and communities of Newark through photos, interviews with residents and stories about the city’s history and culture. It includes portraits of 25 Newarkers by HYCIDE Editor-in-Chief Akintola Hanif. 

As-told-to Interviews
Aliyah, South Ward

Suspended Animation: An interview with Marc Thompson
The Forgotten: An interview with Nema Etebar

HYCIDE is a photography magazine dedicated to subculture, art, and conflict. Purchase a copy at

Fast-Food Workers Strike for Minimum Wage Hike Ahead of Democratic Debate
Prosecutor Stirs Controversy by Releasing Analysis of Tamir Rice Shooting Video
The Navy Tested a Missile Off the Coast of California and Totally Freaked People Out

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PASTE Magazine
Tendai Maraire on Shabazz Palaces, Musical Prophecies and Bridging American and African Cultures

Last Resort Creating Paradise Interview Series
Interview with Ashley Outrageous: Blogger and 'Curator of Cool'
Interview with Sierra Villarreal: Installation Sculptor and Jewelry Designer

Downtown Express
Whole Foods in FiDi could lower locals’ grocery bills

Seattle, WA

The Stranger
How Central District Activists Feel About Uncle Ike's These Days

Seattle Met
Adventures in Medicine: A Race Against Time
UW Students Challenge Frat Culture With Year-End Rally
Yesler Terrace Comes to the Big Screen in SIFF's 'Hagereseb'

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The Seattle Globalist
Immigrant shop owners downtown say they’re singled out for displacement
Young Muslims seek careers correcting media misrepresentations
Brown Recluse Zine Distro spins a worldwide web for creatives of color
“Unified Struggle” film tackles deportation, justice, and activism

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The Capitol Hill Times
Rare Corpse Flower At Volunteer Park Conservatory Set To Bloom And Stink
How Does The Capitol Hill Block Party Impact The Hill’s Small Businesses?
Pollinator Pathway Scheduled To Span Along 11th Avenue

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International Examiner
City’s exploration of municipal broadband is far-reaching

Localeur's Guide to a Perfect Chivefest Weekend
Food, Drink & Coffee in Seattle's Central District